tincture: An elixir of botanical elements, with healing and medicinal properties

tincture co. was created when two floral enthusiasts wanted to dig deeper in their story telling.

Stories have the power to heal us and make us grow.

Tincture exists to provide you with skills and resources to make yours blossom.

essie ruth
Essie Ruth believes in the power of sharing and storytelling to connect people and help them grow. She spends the majority of her waking hours creating, parenting, and drinking coffee, and is pretty sure that at all of these things make the world a better place. You can almost always find her in her studio with her hair in a top knot and glitter all over her face.
caylee grey

Caylee Grey is a cross between your fairy godmother and your Jedi master. She is obsessed with creativity, productivity, and the intersection between the two.